Activity 2

Write about a person or pet who has died.

My grandma had a dog who was named Max. Max was a Golden Retriever and I thought he was the best dog in the world. Max used to know tricks and play catch. How he died was a very sad and painful time. One year Max was in a fight with another dog and he injured his leg. Max couldn’t walk at all, it got worse and worse everyday. When I go to my grandma’s house I give Max a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. One day I was so excited to see Max, as I walked through the door Max was not where he was before. I looked around the house for him hoping he got better and was walking around again. I asked my grandma where Max was and she said “I took him to the vet and the vetrinarian gave us bad news, Max had to be put down”. I was so upset that he was gone. But then I remembered that he was in so much pain and now he is in a better place where he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Until this day I wish I could see him one more time and take him on walks like I used to.

~ Rest In Peace Max

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