The Wolf Pack

This is a little video on “The Wolf Pack”

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This is a picture of the wolf pack.

Wolves are very majestic creatures, most people say they are about to go extinct because of hunters shooting them and getting there fur to make money off it. If I had to pick my favorite kind of wolves they would be Grey Wolves or Black Wolves because those are like the wolves I have always loved and I really don’t know why, but I just do. Wolves can grow to the height of 2.8 feet tall and to me that is really tall. There speed can go up to 31 – 37 miles per hour (mph). There average life span is 6 – 8 years in the wild. There weight is 40 – 175 lbs. Wolves are endangered species and I hope we can change that so that more wolves can live and not die from hunters, because I for one don’t need Wolf fur to live. There are many different kinds of Wolves that I never knew existed, like Red Wolves or Woolly Wolves. Wolves are the most fearful to humans they are Natures Predators. Right now in the picture you might think they are really cute, at least I do, but if you look at them face to face then you might want to run because they are very hard to be taimed and there is a big chance they will attack you. There diet is carnivore. The adult wolves take care of the younger wolves until they are fully grown and good enough to live on there own or at least grow up with there wolf pack and worry about themselves. Wolves live and hunt at least 6 to 10 animals a day. In 48 states grey wolves are at there point where they are almost extinct. This has been my facts about wolves and that there are not that bad they just need to live.

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