My Genius Hour Project

Hello i’m back and I am starting a new project called My Genius Hour, which means I can do whatever I want for this project. We are doing this because it is suppost to motivate kids to help them learn or teach about something you learned or already know about to other students. The following questions I will be answering are going to be down below.↓↓↓

What have you decided to focus on for your project?    →  Baking

Why is this topic important to you?      →   It has always been a passion to me ever since I was little.

What are your goals for this project?    →  My goal is to make a great cake without any help.

How will you measure your goals?       →  We will take pictures of our progress, like a before and after cake.These are my Q&A’s so I hope this helped and now I am going to talk about what I am doing right now. In class I am doing a project where I can do anything I want and I am going to do baking for a topic. I have been wanting to do this from the moment I started the project because baking has always been a passion for me from when I was little. It all started with my grandpa, I would always come over and we would start making a delicious dessert. We would either make a cake, brownies, or pie and it was so fun. I would get to decorate the cake and it would look a little messy but delicious at the same time. It was probably one of the funnest experiences of my life because he would help me decorate and then we would have my whole family come over for dinner and then we would have them try out whatever dessert I made and they would always say it was good or that I did a good job. I hope you enjoy my blog. 🙂

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